BTT Game #2 – Purdue

March 13, 2009

The Nittany Lions, fresh off their quick disposal of the Hoosiers, take on the Boilermakers in the last quarterfinal of the Big Ten tournament tonight. The game’s scheduled for 9 PM but that time obviously depends on the game before us, UM and Illinois.

I’m just going to get this out there right now. I feel extraordinarily confident about tonight’s game. I hope that isn’t a direct effect of watching how well we played yesterday against a Patriot League caliber club. But this team looked on a mission yesterday. They don’t care about the Bubble, they’re trying to win this tournament and they sincerely believe they can. There’s probably some questions about Cornley and Battle in regards to their health. I’m not concerned about it. They weren’t stressed too much in yesterday’s game, and they should be ready to go tonight.

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Still Here

February 11, 2009

Don’t confuse my lack of posts recently because of the team’s struggles. College life got in the way.

Anyway, you probably know by now that PSU shit the bed against Wisky.  Wisconsin came in and flawlessly executed Bo Ryan basketball and just completely raped PSU.  It was painful to watch, especially considering it was in front of PSU’s biggest crowd in nearly a decade.  It was also annoying that Ed DeChellis had his best team in years and Bo Ryan had his worst, yet DeChellis still couldn’t beat him. I’m now seriously doubting that we’ll ever beat Wisconsin as long as the current coaches are at their respective programs.

I had to chuckle at the fans’ reaction whenever PSU was on defense. They would notice the shot clock would be running down and they would start to clap/get into it/make noise, etc, applauding PSU’s defensive effort to that point. But in reality, it was just Wisconsin being Wisconsin and they would almost always get an easy look under 8 seconds left on the shot clock.  Frustrating because I couldn’t believe how much many switches PSU had on defense, none more frustrating than Ott’s retarded switch that left Morrissey guarding Leuer in the post, which resulted in a Leuer layup at the halftime buzzer and a peeved DeChellis (probably the most pissed I’ve actually seen him at his own player).

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PSU 67 (14) Purdue 64

January 7, 2009

The good…

  • PSU beat a ranked team
  • Andrew Jones
  • PSU was resilient and came back after blowing a 15 point lead
  • Rebounding

The bad…

  • This team is incapable of playing 40 minutes of solid basketball..
  • Mostly because we have little depth
  • Purdue was overrated at 14 to start with, and then add to the fact they were without arguably their two best players
  • The weather/lack of fans
  • David Jackson

It was a good win for the team, as they took advantage of the opportunity of playing one of the league’s best at the time where they looked like one of the league’s worst.  This is definitely a confidence booster for a lot of the guys, but you usually have to play 40 minutes of good basketball to beat ranked teams.  PSU definitely did not do that.

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Know Your Enemy: Purdue Boilermakers

January 5, 2009

Doesn’t get any easier in the Big Ten, as PSU tries to survive their toughest four game stretch in their Big Ten schedule (@ Wisconsin, Purdue, @ Minnesota, MSU).  After coming up short in the Kohl Center, PSU will host the preseason favorite Purdue Boilermakers Tuesday night at 9 pm on the BTN.

Luckily for PSU, Purdue will be coming into this game ailing.  But the bad news for PSU is that Purdue had all week to recover from their home loss to Illinois, while PSU will have to rebound quickly after the tough road loss.  Chris Kramer, Robbie Hummel, and Nemanja Calasan are coming into the game dinged up and there are questions surrounding whether they’ll even play.  Kramer has had this sprained foot problem for about 3 or 4 weeks now.  He’s listed as questionable. Hummel has been on crutches all week and is listed as doubtful. He’s been fighting back problems ever since the Duke game.  Calasan only played 6 minutes against Illinois and apparently suffered a freak weightroom injury.  The only injury I’ve ever witnessed in a weightroom is kids dropping 45 lbs plates on their toes.  He’s probably going to play but how healthy he really is is a mystery.

Tempo-Free Analysis

PU 70.2 1.05 0.81 49.7% 32.5 49.0% 17.2% 1.31
PSU 64.7 1.11 0.93 52.7% 36.4 54.3% 16.6% 1.31

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Purdue Boilermakers 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Bobby Riddell 5’9″ G Senior
Lewis Jackson 5’9″ G Freshman
John Hart 6’1″ G Freshman
Chris Kramer 6’3″ G Junior
E’Twaun Moore 6’3″ G Sophomore
Ryne Smith 6’3″ G Freshman
Marcus Green 6’4″ G/F Senior
Keaton Grant 6’4″ G/F Junior
Robbie Hummel 6’7″ F Sophomore
Chris Reid 6’9″ F Senior
Nemanja Calasan 6’9″ F Senior
JaJuan Johnson 6’10″ F Sophomore

Purdue has 1 open scholarship.


Lewis “Lew Jack” Jackson, Ryne Smith, John Hart


Terrance Crump, Scott Martin (transfer)

Scott Martin transferring from Purdue

April 10, 2008

Story is here.

Not a catastrophic loss for the Boilers, but he was definitely good prospect. It’s kind of a puzzling transfer, too, seeing how Moore and Hummel were AAU teammates and knew each other well before they stepped on the Purdue campus. He also says that he’s on good terms with the program. Maybe he doesn’t want to sit behind Hummel for 4 years? Maybe he didn’t like Purdue, outside of the basketball program? We can only speculate. It also seems that Painter hasn’t gone a season without a transfer (Chris Lutz last year).

It opens up a third scholarship for Painter. Unless there’s a good high school prospect that hasn’t committed yet, I’d expect him to reel in a Juco big man in the next month or two.


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