NIT Quarterfinals

March 23, 2009

Who: Florida Gators (25-10)

When: Tuesday, 9:00 PM

Where: O’Connell Activities Center


Scouting Reports: KenPom, Statsheet

FLA Rotation:

# Player P. Ht. Elg. MPG PPG FG% APG RPG
33 N. Calathes G 6’6″ SO 33.3 17.4 48.9% 6.4 5.4
23 A. Tyus F 6’8″ SO 26.1 12.5 59.3% 0.7 6.1
25 C. Parsons F 6’9″ SO 26.2 9.4 46.5% 1.8 5.7
15 W. Hodge G 6’0″ SR 28.5 9.0 45.4% 2.3 1.5
21 D. Werner F 6’8″ JR 28.3 9.0 42.6% 2.3 4.9
11 E. Walker G 5’8″ FR 23.8 9.9 43.1% 2.4 1.5
3 R. Shipman G 6’5″ FR 13.1 3.7 49.0% 0.5 2.1
1 K. Kadji C 6’10″ FR 12.5 4.4 48.5% 0.1 2.7

Our Nittany Lions, fresh off one of their best games of the season, get to travel to Gainesville thanks to the NIT not giving us a 1-seed. I’ll never understand why we weren’t deserving of that #1, but that’s just the way it goes.

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NIT Game 2: Rhode Island Rams

March 19, 2009

Where: Bryce Jordan Center

When: Tonight, 7:00 PM

TV: Fox Sports Pittsburgh

URI Rotation:

# Player P. Ht. Elg. MPG PPG FG% APG RPG
20 J. Baron G 6’3″ SR 32.5 17.2 46.4% 1.9 2.8
33 K. Seawright F 6’8″ SR 30.7 14.1 50.3% 2.2 7.6
5 M. Jones G 6’1″ SO 27.1 6.2 40.2% 3.9 2.6
22 K. Cothran G 6’4″ JR 27.6 13.6 48.2% 2.1 2.4
21 D. James F 6’8″ JR 23.8 9.9 49.2% 2.2 6.1
15 L. Ulmer F 6’6″ JR 22.7 7.7 50.0% 0.8 4.9
32 W. Martell C 7’0″ SO 17.0 5.4 61.3% 0.7 3.6
1 S. Mejia G 5’9″ FR 13.5 2.4 37.0% 2.1 1.1

Rhode Island is pretty much the same team when we saw them the first time. Baron’s the shooter, Jones’ the game manager, Seawright’s the inside presence, and Cothran’s the driver. They’re balanced, experienced, and completely driven by their offense (79.5 PPG – good for 10th in the country). They play at a significantly faster pace than the entire Big Ten conference (71.3 possessions/game).

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NIT Game 1: George Mason

March 17, 2009

8:00 PM – Bryce Jordan Center – ESPNU

I have my night class tonight so I will not be attending. I will probably miss the whole first half, and perhaps the whole game if I can’t find a stream online. F ESPNU.

I really know nothing of George Mason’s team and their season this year. I saw them get whooped up on by VCU in the CAA championship, that’s about it. So my quality analysis says if PSU wants to win and keep playing, they will. If they don’t, they’ll lose.  GM is apparently bringing busloads of students.  They’ll come to play. But who knows what state the Nittany Lions are in after the devastating news just 48 hours ago.  I’ve expressed my doubts about this coaching staff’s ability to motivate, so I’m just going to rely on Jamelle to get the team ready. If he’s the usual Jamelle, leaving it all out on the court, we’ll win by 8-12 points.  If not, then it’s going to be an abrupt and incredibly disappointing finish to a once promising season.

You can read Jeff Rice’s preview here.

BTT Game #2 – Purdue

March 13, 2009

The Nittany Lions, fresh off their quick disposal of the Hoosiers, take on the Boilermakers in the last quarterfinal of the Big Ten tournament tonight. The game’s scheduled for 9 PM but that time obviously depends on the game before us, UM and Illinois.

I’m just going to get this out there right now. I feel extraordinarily confident about tonight’s game. I hope that isn’t a direct effect of watching how well we played yesterday against a Patriot League caliber club. But this team looked on a mission yesterday. They don’t care about the Bubble, they’re trying to win this tournament and they sincerely believe they can. There’s probably some questions about Cornley and Battle in regards to their health. I’m not concerned about it. They weren’t stressed too much in yesterday’s game, and they should be ready to go tonight.

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BTT: IU Preview

March 12, 2009

5:00 PM, ESPN2, Canseco Fieldhouse

  • Devan Dumes might not play for the Hoosiers
  • If Talor Battle and Jamelle Cornley are healthy and on the court at the end of the game, I don’t see how we won’t win this.
  • A PSU loss will send us to the NIT
  • You can read an overly-dramatic preview here.
  • PSU’s a nine point favorite, I’ll take IU to cover.

That should be all you need to know. Be sure to check in with HHV.

KYE: Iowa

March 7, 2009

The Nittany Lions somehow have to clear their minds, rest up physically, and get ready to play Iowa today in an hour (2 PM, BTN).  I don’t know about you, but I’m still psyched about Thursday night. I’m very worried about this game for a multitude of reasons…

  • Jamelle Cornley is questionable.  I think if this was any other player, we’d assume he’s out. Cornley has dominated Iowa in his career. He’s averaging 20 points and 7 boards in 6 games (I’m eliminating his freshmen 0-fer in Carver…that’s how you manipulate stats, kids).  The first time we played Iowa, Jamelle refused to lose and brought us back with another ridiculous comeback. He has always been able to shoot inside against Iowa at a high percentage. They can’t stop him. However, he’s probably out, so who’s going to be our presence inside? This will be the game for Andrew Jones to show us what our inside game’s going to look like next year.

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It’s a Pretty Big Night, Tonight

March 5, 2009

I absolutely love it.  It’s Spring Break and the weather’s warming up (shorts weather tomorrow). My peers are hitting the south preparing to get crunk on beaches, while I’m hitting my couch planning to enjoy every minute of championship week I can catch.  I watched just 3 games yesterday -  NU @ PU, UNC @ VT, and UW @ MN.  All of them took this amazing game to a whole ‘nother level. It happens every year.  March 1st is when it clicks in every player’s head all across the country, whether they play in the SWAC or the ACC.  The last 5 months have been preparation for this month.  It’s do or die and you can see it everywhere. Did you see Seth Greenberg about to have a heart attack last night? How about that absolute war in the barn, between both the fans and players? Hell, Steve Alford and Jim Boylen almost engaged in fisticuffs, apparently.

Everyone still has something to play for. The big time programs are jockeying for seeding.  The losers are playing for pride, especially their seniors. It’s always fun to spoil someone other’s season after struggling through yours. They’re still looking for something they can be proud of to take away from this season and springboard their offseason for next year.  Then you got the Bubblers, whether NCAA or NIT.

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KYE: Ohio State Buckeyes

February 24, 2009

The Nittany Lions continue on their quest for an at large bid at Value City Arena Tuesday night in Columbus, OH. The big matchup is on ESPN at 7 pm.

Now the Lions are coming into this weekend rested, as they had the weekend off.  Ohio State just played a game on Sunday.  Neither team is particularly deep so the extra rest has to be in PSU’s favor.  PSU is also coming into this game on a 2 game winning streak, while OSU has lost 3 straight.  PSU got a good look at what they’ll have to do to beat OSU in Columbus, thanks to Illinois.  Make threes.  Like 8 or 9 of them.  Pringle, Battle, Babb, Morrissey…whoever.  If someone can catch fire, that’d be great.

OSU still employs that 3-2 zone, so PSU will have to figure out how they’re going to attack it. Dallas Lauderdale and BJ Mullens are pretty nasty shot blockers but Battle isn’t worried about it.

“Go right at ‘em,” Battle said. “They’re just seven feet, that’s all. Attack their body and you’re good. I don’t really see nothing. You just can’t try to go around ‘em. Once you go around them, that’s when they get to you. You gotta go through ‘em.”

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