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September 9, 2008

I have found that a lot of people have hit this blog through google searches for their respective teams rosters that I put together back in May. Well now, with school in session and the schedules released, all of the official schools’ websites have listed the rosters. It has allowed me to double-check and update all of them. So if any finds any mistakes, which I doubt you will, PLEASE let me know through a comment or email me. If you would like to check out the Scholarship rosters for each and every Big 11 team, just click the ‘Big Ten Rosters’ page on the right sidebar and boom, there you have it. Maybe if I’m motivated, I’ll add all the walk-ons, since some of them really do contribute on the court.

Big Ten Rosters

May 21, 2008

EDIT: I decided that it would just be better to make a page to the right with all 11 rosters included in it. Much easier to compare them all, but I didn’t include who’s new and not. But I’m not going to keep like 20 posts on my front page just to include those rosters. They will now always be linked on the right for future reference.

Don’t you hate how schools’ official athletic sites take like a thousand years to update their schools’ rosters for the upcoming year? Well, I do. Since the spring period ends tomorrow, most schools’ rosters will be set for 2008-2009.

Below is the current scholarship rosters for all 11 Big Ten teams (let me know of any mistakes). I will update them if any more signings occur. I also noted of a few prospects that are known to have interest in Big Ten schools and are unsigned. So unless there are some serious surprises tomorrow, these rosters are pretty much final. It’s just nice to get them all down and organized, instead of waiting until like October for the official sites to put up theirs.

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Penn State Nittany Lions 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Talor Battle 5’11″ G Sophomore
Stanley Pringle 6’0″ G Senior
Danny Morrissey 6’3″ G Redshirt Senior
Chris Babb 6’5″ G Freshman
Cammeron Woodyard 6’5″ G Freshman
Jamelle Cornley 6’5″ F Senior
David Jackson 6’6″ F Redshirt Sophomore
Jeff Brooks 6’8″ F Sophomore
Billy Oliver 6’8″ F Freshman
Andrew Jones 6’8″ F Redshirt Sophomore
Joonas Suotamo 6’10″ C Senior
*Andrew Ott 6’10″ C Sophomore

Andrew Ott, transfer from Villanova, will not be eligible until January 2009 due to NCAA rules.

Penn State has 1 open scholarship.


Andrew Ott, Chris Babb, Cammeron Woodyard, Billy Oliver


Brandon Hassell, Mike Walker, Geary Claxton, Nickola Obradovic

Indiana Hoosiers 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Devan Dumes 6’2″ G Junior
Matt Roth 6’3″ G Freshman
Nick Williams 6’3″ G Freshman
Jeremiah Rivers** 6’4″ G Junior
Verdell Jones 6’4″ G Freshman
Malik Story 6’5″ G Freshman
Kyle Taber 6’7″ F Redshirt Senior
Tom Pritchard 6’8″ F Freshman
Tijan Jobe 7’0″ C Junior

Indiana has 3 open scholarships (one was self-sanctioned from the whole Sampson ordeal).


Devan Dumes, Tijan Jobe, Tom Pritchard, Matt Roth, Nick Williams, Verdell Jones, Malik Story


Eric Gordon, Lance Stemler, D.J. White, Armon Bassett, Jamarcus Ellis, DeAndre Thomas, Mike White, Eli Holman, Brandon McGee

Minnesota Golden Gophers 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Lawrence Westbrook 6’0″ G Junior
Al Nolen 6’1″ G Sophomore
Devoe Joseph 6’3″ G Freshman
Blake Hoffarber 6’3″ G Sophomore
Kevin Payton 6’5″ G Junior
Jamal Abu-Shamala 6’5″ G Senior
Devron Bostick 6’5″ F Junior
Damian Johnson 6’7″ F Junior
Paul Carter 6’8″ F Sophomore
Jonathan Williams 6’9″ F Redshirt Senior
Colton Iverson 6’10″ C Freshman
Ralph Sampson III 6’11″ C Freshman

Minnesota has 1 open scholarship.


Paul Carter, Ralph Sampson III, Colton Iverson, Devoe Joseph, Devron Bostick


Dan Coleman, Spencer Tollackson, Lawrence McKenzie

Michigan Wolverines 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
David Merritt 5’10″ G Redshirt Senior
Kelvin Grady 5’11″ G Sophomore
C.J. Lee 6’0″ G Redshirt Senior
Stuart Douglass 6’2″ G Freshman
Laval Lucas-Perry* 6’3″ G Freshman
Manny Harris 6’5″ G Sophomore
Zach Novak 6’5″ G Freshman
Jevohn Shepherd 6’5″ F Senior
Anthony Wright 6’6″ F Redshirt Sophomore
DeShawn Sims 6’8″ F Junior
Zack Gibson 6’10″ F Redshirt Junior
Ben Cronin 7’0″ C Freshman

Michigan has 1 open scholarship.

Zack Novak, Ben Cronin, Stuart Douglass, Laval Lucas-Perry (transfer from Arizona, who must sit out the first semester due to NCAA rules)


Ron Coleman

Purdue Boilermakers 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Bobby Riddell 5’9″ G Senior
Lewis Jackson 5’9″ G Freshman
John Hart 6’1″ G Freshman
Chris Kramer 6’3″ G Junior
E’Twaun Moore 6’3″ G Sophomore
Ryne Smith 6’3″ G Freshman
Marcus Green 6’4″ G/F Senior
Keaton Grant 6’4″ G/F Junior
Robbie Hummel 6’7″ F Sophomore
Chris Reid 6’9″ F Senior
Nemanja Calasan 6’9″ F Senior
JaJuan Johnson 6’10″ F Sophomore

Purdue has 1 open scholarship.


Lewis “Lew Jack” Jackson, Ryne Smith, John Hart


Terrance Crump, Scott Martin (transfer)

Iowa Hawkeyes 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

May 21, 2008
Name Height Position Eligibility
Jeff Peterson 6’0″ G Sophomore
Jermain Davis 6’4″ G Junior
Anthony Tucker 6’4″ G Freshman
Matt Gatens 6’5″ G Freshman
Devan Bawinkel 6’5″ G Junior
Jake Kelly 6’6″ G Sophomore
J.R. Angle 6’7″ F Redshirt Senior
Aaron Fuller 6’7″ F Freshman
Jarryd Cole 6’7″ F Sophomore
Cyrus Tate 6’8″ F Senior
David Palmer 6’9″ F Redshirt Junior
Andrew Brommer 6’9″ C Freshman

Iowa has 1 open scholarship.


Matt Gatens, Andrew Brommer, Anthony Tucker, Aaron Fuller, Jermain Davis, Devan Bawinkel


Kurt Looby, Seth Gorney, Justin Johnson, Tony Freeman


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