Northwestern Wildcats 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

Name Height Position Eligibility
Michael Thompson 5’10” G Sophomore
Craig Moore 6’3″ G Senior
Sterling Williams 6’4″ G Redshirt Senior
Jeremy Nash 6’4″ G Junior
Nick Fruendt 6’5″ G/F Freshman
Jeff Ryan 6’6″ G Junior
Mike Capocci 6’6″ F Sophomore
Kevin Coble 6’8″ F Junior
Ivan Peljusic 6’8″ F Redshirt Sophomore
John Shurna 6’8″ F Freshman
Davide Curletti 6’9″ F Freshman
Luka Mirkovic 6’11” F Freshman
Kyle Rowley 7’0″ C Freshman

Northwestern has filled all of their available scholarships.


Kyle Rowley, Davide Curletti, Luka Mirkovic, John Shurna, Nick Fruendt


Jason Okrzesik, Jean-Paul Melchior (transfer), Nickola Baran (transfer)


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