Big Ten Rosters

EDIT: I decided that it would just be better to make a page to the right with all 11 rosters included in it. Much easier to compare them all, but I didn’t include who’s new and not. But I’m not going to keep like 20 posts on my front page just to include those rosters. They will now always be linked on the right for future reference.

Don’t you hate how schools’ official athletic sites take like a thousand years to update their schools’ rosters for the upcoming year? Well, I do. Since the spring period ends tomorrow, most schools’ rosters will be set for 2008-2009.

Below is the current scholarship rosters for all 11 Big Ten teams (let me know of any mistakes). I will update them if any more signings occur. I also noted of a few prospects that are known to have interest in Big Ten schools and are unsigned. So unless there are some serious surprises tomorrow, these rosters are pretty much final. It’s just nice to get them all down and organized, instead of waiting until like October for the official sites to put up theirs.

Some fascinating numbers…..

This coming year, there will be 50 (as of now) first year players (9 Junior College transfers, 41 High Schoolers) in the conference. In addition to that, there are still 12 Big Ten scholarships still open. There are 130 players currently on scholarship to play Big Ten basketball. So 38.4% of Big Ten ballers will be playing their first year of basketball in the league next season. Throw in the fact that a whole ‘nother team of first year players could have come into the league this year, too, and it’s just mind-boggling. I have no idea how rare of an occurrence this amount of talent coming into the league in one year really is. But one thing’s for sure. The Big Ten Conference is rapidly changing over the next year or two. Hopefully these roster movements are for the better and the Big Ten won’t be one of the worst ‘Big Six’ conferences. The change began last year with the arrival of 3 new coaches. This year those new coaches stocked up on recruits after other players fled the new programs. Now, with all the open scholarships this year carrying over to next year’s recruiting class, there certainly could be another 30-35 new recruits next season. That’s pretty wild.


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