Illinois Fighting Illini 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

Name Height Position Eligibility
Chester Frazier 6’2″ G Senior
Trent Meacham 6’2″ G Redshirt Senior
Demetri McCamey 6’3″ G Sophomore
Calvin Brock 6’5″ G Redshirt Senior
Alex Legion* 6’5″ G Sophomore
Dominique Keller 6’7″ F Junior
Bill Cole 6’9″ F Sophomore
Mike Davis 6’9″ F Sophomore
Stan Simpson 6’9″ F Freshman
Richard Semrau 6’9″ F Redshirt Sophomore
Mike Tisdale 7’0″ C Sophomore

*Alex Legion, the transfer from UK, has to sit out until the end of the 2008 Fall Semester per transfer rules.

Illinois has 2 open scholarships.


Alex Legion, Stan Simpson, Dominique Keller,


Brian Randle, Shaun Pruitt, Rodney Alexander


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