Iowa Hawkeyes 2008-2009 Scholarship Roster

Name Height Position Eligibility
Jeff Peterson 6’0″ G Sophomore
Jermain Davis 6’4″ G Junior
Anthony Tucker 6’4″ G Freshman
Matt Gatens 6’5″ G Freshman
Devan Bawinkel 6’5″ G Junior
Jake Kelly 6’6″ G Sophomore
J.R. Angle 6’7″ F Redshirt Senior
Aaron Fuller 6’7″ F Freshman
Jarryd Cole 6’7″ F Sophomore
Cyrus Tate 6’8″ F Senior
David Palmer 6’9″ F Redshirt Junior
Andrew Brommer 6’9″ C Freshman

Iowa has 1 open scholarship.


Matt Gatens, Andrew Brommer, Anthony Tucker, Aaron Fuller, Jermain Davis, Devan Bawinkel


Kurt Looby, Seth Gorney, Justin Johnson, Tony Freeman


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