Welcome Coach Preston

Coach Lewis Preston, now a former assistant coach under Mike Brey at Notre Dame for 6 years and Billy Donovan for 2 years at Florida, has been hired as Hillary Scott’s replacement.  Check out the official release from PSU.

There’s really nothing else to say but wow! Coach Preston basically fits everything we need on a coaching staff. He’s heralded as a well-known recruiter. He holds the school record for shot blocks at VMI with 202, so he knows a little something about post defense. This is just awesome to say the least.  I mean just look how bad-ass he looks.

You have to admit, this is a puzzling move. But who cares? It sure works in Penn State’s favor. I’m not going to speculate why he left the Gators program, who even despite last season’s ‘struggle’ is still one of the hottest programs in college basketball.

The bottomline is this hire completely blows my expectations out of the water. I’m more than satisfied. My only concern is, how long will he stick around? Hopefully it’s more than a year, but even if it’s just that, he should make a serious impact on the team. He could also do wonders for our already behind recruiting class….


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