Bloomsburg thoughts

You can read the quick recap from PSU’s 77-51 victory here.

A very unimpressive exhibition.  Bloomsburg’s bigs essentially dominated inside, which certainly doesn’t bode well for us against the Big Ten.  DeChellis pressed a lot and Bloomsburg clearly couldn’t handle it.  However, they did break it a few times and got easy layups.  I highly doubt we see this much full court pressure against D-1 competition anyway.  Battle looked good.  Cornley looked healthy but missed a few bunnies and settled for too many jumpers for my liking.  David Jackson was his usually unsung self, hitting all 8 of his free throws.  Andrew Jones looked better, but he needs help in the paint.  Not sure where he’s going to get it from, either.  Morrissey drilled some threes, but he looks like an old man out there.  He fell down early trying to take a charge, banged his knee, and proceeded to hobble around the court the rest of the game.  He had a breakaway layup and he had trouble elevating even for that, wincing in obvious pain.  I hope he holds up for the whole season, but I can’t see him getting more than 20 minutes a game.  Which brings me to his replacements, the freshmen Babb and Woodyard.  Babb is clearly a scorer, even if he had an off-game.  His shot is gorgeous and he puts great rotation on the ball.  Very quick release.  He should be a contributor.  Once he gains some confidence, he’ll be valuable.  Hopefully he gains that confidence quicker than Battle and Brooks did last year.  Woodyard is more of a role player type. Big body that could play some D out on the perimeter and maybe grab a few rebounds.  But he looked like he can play at this level, which was an obvious question immediately after his commitment.  So that’s encouraging.  Pringle looked alright.  He got careless on D and reached too much, and he had some of his selfish streaks on O.  He made his shots though, so I can’t complain.

Brooks apparently suffered a concussion on Thursday and sat out.  He’s listed as day-to-day, so who knows his status for the W & M game.

Billy Oliver has had two concussions since arriving on campus.  They are obviously taking it easy with him.  I still think he redshirts, but we could use some help in the paint.

Season starts Friday at 6:30 against a not bad William and Mary club.  More on them in the next few days…


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