Quick Recap

We couldn’t miss last night.  15-25 from 3 land is fucking absurd.  But neither could we establish an inside game.  We cleaned up the boards for our inside production, but we can’t even flash through the paint while trying to do work against their zone.  It was discouraging.  Jamelle starting doing work inside in the second half, which was encouraging.  But Hartford has no inside presence whatsoever.  The first half was awful again, from a TO perspective.  It’s just throw it around the arc until someone wants to shoot.  We had about 5 or 6 turnovers alone from poor skip passes.  Danny, Talor, and Pringle couldn’t miss, though, so it worked out.  This team’s fun when they’re on, but you can’t expect this percentage basically, ever.

Last big football weekend so I’m probably not going to get to a NHU preview.  They’re far worse than Hartford and are more towards the NJIT end of the spectrum compared to the W&M/Hartford end.  Shouldn’t be a contest, but if we get cold…..

Prediction: PSU by 28+


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