New Hampshire Recap

PSU wins 70-50.

Talor Battle has continued on his hot streak, dropping 24 points and 8 rebounds against the Wildcats.  His early efforts to start the season has earned him conference Player of the Week honors.  He certainly deserves it.  What a difference a year makes, he’s averaging 20.5 PPG with nearly 5 assists and rebounds per game.

This is our first performance where we made a sincere effort to establish an inside game.  Cornley had 17 points and 8 boards, while shooting 6-11 from the floor.  While that’s a fine night, I felt like Cornley missed some shots he usually makes and left a lot of points on the floor (including four at the line).  But you can’t really make that criticism when he shoots over 50% from the floor.

We struggled to start the game, getting down by as much as 8,  but we dominated the second half.  We cut down on turnovers and only committed 8 for the game.  Time for the team to get their first taste away from State College….


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