Great Win

The Penn State Nittany Lions rebounded very nicely after their tough loss yesterday.  We got out and trounced on the Tigers, winning 78-54.

Offensively, we passed and moved the ball through their zone with ease.  We gave ourselves good shots and converted those open shots.  Talor Battle was phenomenal, leaving great impressions on the CN8 broadcast crew, while putting up 15 points, 9 assists, and 8 boards with just 1 turnover.  Similar statline to yesterday, but he took half as many shots (5-8 from the field tonight).  Pringle finished with 16 and Jamelle had 13 as they both shot 6-11 from the field.  Jamelle is definitely healthy.  He was running all over the floor.  Highlighting the night was his fast break dunk off a fabulous feed from Battle.  He made a great catch on the pass, as it had some heat on it, and then planted hard on those knees and elevated for the slam – with no visual signs of pain whatsoever.  It brought a smile to my face.  As I mentioned in my preview, we dominated the boards.  The final numbers don’t say so, but Towson rebounded a lot of garbage time misses.  Andrew Jones had 8 points, 13 boards, 3 steals and 1 nasty block.  It was a great game for him, but it does say something about the interior competition if Jones had a night like this.  However, we did everything right.  Only 10 turnovers (walk-on Will Leiner had 2 near the end of the game), cleaned the glass, made all the right passes, and just outplayed Towson in every facet of the game. Babb and Woodyard got some significant PT tonight, too.  Woodyard still looks confident, Babb still trying to find his way.  Babb did make his first Nittany Lion FG tonight, though.

Towson was definitely scoring-challenged.  They finished the night 20-68 from the floor.  Jerrel Smith hit a few tough shots, and Franklin and Thornton hit a couple of threes.  Otherwise, they couldn’t make anything.  Some of that was PSU defense, some of it was Towson ineptitude.

Few days rest, then on to Ga Tech in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge on Wednesday.


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