Tough Loss

PSU lost a tough one against Rhody, 77-72. I had to listen to the game because no one obviously cares about this Philly Classic tournament enough to broadcast it.

Just a few random thoughts because it’s tough to make legitimate observations from an audio feed.

  • We depend on our guards.  Pringle and Battle didn’t have it last night.  I say that and Battle puts up a statline like this : 15 points, 8 boards, and 8 assists.  He did have four turnovers, most in the first half.  But 7-25 from the field, 4-15 from 3 combined by our 2 guards isn’t going to beat anybody.  To their defense, Dick Jerardi (Penn State Color guy) said URI was playing their best defense in 3 years.  Pringle had an open 24 footer with 5 seconds to go to tie the game that clanked off to the right.
  • Cornley needs to become dominant.  I say that in a game where he’s the game’s leading scorer with 23 points.  But the broadcast guys and eye witnesses at the game claimed he missed way too many easy buckets.  He did miss 9 shots, after all.
  • DeChellis only played 7 guys, after claiming in the pregame show he was going to have to get the 2 freshmen, Babb and Woodyard, even more playing time because of playing back to back days.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  We have no depth.
  • We played poorly, shot pathetically, and trailed the whole game, yet we nearly pulled it off.  The effort in that regard is positive.  It’s mentally draining to be trailing by single digits for 34 minutes or so.  Hopefully the team learns from that and grows tougher, mentally.
  • URI shot lights out.  Jimmy Baron is just a beast.  Drained contested 25 footers at all the wrong times for PSU.  Also, it didn’t help that URI was absolute cash at the foul line (18-22).  Kahiem Seawright, a senior with a career FT percentage of 67%, calmly made all six of his free throws.  Win some, you lose some.
  • This isn’t a devastating loss.  URI is a quality basketball team.  I’m intrigued how they do against Villanova tonight.  Regardless, this loss will give us a hit in the RPI (by not allowing us to play Nova).  However, our RPI had no chance once the OOC schedule came out.  Basically, in order to make the NCAAs, we gotta sweep the rest of our OOC (Temple, @ GT) and win at least 10 Big Ten games, along with a run in the BTT.  So yeah, NIT here we come…..if we can even make that….

Villanova finally put away Towson in the second half, 64-47.  So we got a pesky Towson team today at 6:30 PM in the third place game of the prestigious Philly Classic.


One Response to Tough Loss

  1. PSUgirl says:

    I was at the game. Apart from the early going, PSU looked sluggish and out of sync. As you mentioned, the shooting percentage was dismal along with timing and shot selection that resulted in (what seemed like) no offensive rebounds in the first half. And Rhode Island hit the shots they needed to, when they needed to.

    The crowd was sparse for the PSU/RI game but we made some noise, especially at the end of the game –

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