PSU 61 MSM 56

Another lackluster performance.  About the only good thing to take away from this game was Talor Battle’s 26 points (11-13 from the foul line).  As a team, PSU shot 21-27 from the line.  Other than that, it was another troubling performance.  PSU gained control midway through the second half, extending their lead to double digits.  They then decided to consecutively display about the 5 worst offensive possessions I have ever seen, allowing MSM to cut the lead down to 2.  They held on for the win, but this team has lost ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.  We were creaming chumps with style in November, but the last 3 games have been more than troubling.  DJ, Andrew Jones, and Jeff Brooks with another disappearing act.  Their development has come along rather slowly, if it’s coming at all.   Pringle played for the first time since tweaking his ankle in the first half of the Owls game.   He looked pretty good, scoring 8 points.  He should be fully healthy now with the 8 days off.

Hopefully finals week off has allowed the team to recuperate a bit and be ready to go.  Two more games ’til the Big Ten season…


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