My One Football Post

I don’t talk PSU football online that much usually, because I find that I’m talking to idiots 90% of the time.  I have a subscription and reading their TAP board, I’m just appalled at some of the shit that is said there.  But anyways, here’s my Rose Bowl reflection and probably my only football post ever.

USC is very, very good.  Maybe this will finally get Tom Bradley and Joe Paterno to get with the college football world and do away with that bland, high school cover 3 we’ve been playing forever.  There’s a reason Mario Manningham was wide open in 2005.  Or why MSU and OSU torched us last year.  Or why we made Rick Stanzi look like Joe Montana this year.  And Big Ten football fans should look in the mirror.  THE CONFERENCE IS A COMPLETE JOKE RIGHT NOW.

I made the trip out to the Horseshoe this season.  Got to sit up top in the corner of the steep ‘Shoe.  Got a great overhead view.  And all I could think while watching Brian Robiskie and Brian Hartline run routes wild through PSU’s defense was, if Todd Boeckman was playing QB, this would be a replay of 2007.  The only reason why Pryor even completed passes was because his receivers had such cushion. He would have about 3 seconds to get the ball there. It was pathetic that half the time he couldn’t. Jim Tressel’s lack of balls to bench Pryor is what gave PSU the Big Ten championship this year.

I played corner in high school and by far the most hated coverage is 3 deep.  You’re basically playing handcuffed.  I have no idea how PSU gets corner recruits.  Now in all seriousness, this year’s secondary was average at best.  Scirrotto probably is one of the most overrated safeties PSU has ever had.  He misplays the ball in the air almost all the time.  Throw in the fact that he’s not really big, and he’s pretty much useless.  He had a few big hits in his career, caught a few overthrown balls for picks, but he’s not going to make it to the next level.  Sargeant and Davis?  They’re midgets.  There was no way they could cover those SC receivers man on man.  Rubin, well, we know how much he sucks in coverage. He is what he is.  A fantastic run-supporting safety.  Basically, he’s the Roy Williams of college football.  It’s amazing PSU won 11 games with that liability of a secondary.  We wouldn’t have won 8 games in the Big 12 with those passing attacks, which is why I thank you Iowa for keeping us the fudge out of the Championship.  Talk about a massacre.

I just hope that this is a Joe Paterno scheme and not a Tom Bradley scheme, because if this is Bradley’s defensive philosophy, I want no part of it when Joe leaves. Also, why the hell were Maybin and Evans dropping back into coverage half the time?  No wonder there was no pressure on Sanchez.

But not to go unnoticed, Daryll Clark is a helluva QB.  He enjoyed and succeeded being untouched the first 8 games of the season.  Which is why he struggled against OSU and Iowa, because those teams got to him in the pocket.  As a first year starter, he clearly struggled handling the pressure those games.  But he played a fine football game yesterday and made some unbelievable throws under durress.  He’s going to have to get use to that because as you should know, the PSU offensive line never reloads, it always rebuilds (usually 3 years later).  Regardless, with Royster and Clark back, along with a ridiculously nasty front 7 on defense (any PSU d-lineman who enters the draft is making a worse decision than Justin King) and an embarrassing schedule that would put PSU’s non-con bball schedule this year to shame, PSU is going to win 10+ games next year and probably will find itself in the same situation.  A BCS bowl against a far superior opponent.

The Big Ten is in sad, sad shape, especially with Rich Rod destroying UM.  Somebody needs to challenge PSU and OSU and exploit their many weaknesses.  That way either we eliminate ourselves from the Big Stage, or we have someone worthy of putting there.  Sadly, the only teams that might be able to do that are MSU, Iowa, and NW, but they have a long ways to go.

Until then, we’ll continue to be 10 win frauds.


One Response to My One Football Post

  1. College Film says:

    I couldn’t believe the announcers for ABC/ESPN and their lovefest for USC.
    I think Kirk was making out with Carroll during half time and them was caught french kissing and licking the balls of Sanchuez after the game.

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