Know Your Enemy: Wisconsin Badgers

I’m still trying to adjust to the pace of Big Ten season, so here’s a pretty quick preview since well, the game tips off in a few hours.

PSU plays Wisconsin at the Kohl Center today at 2 PM on the BTN.

If you’ve followed the PSU basketball team this decade, you would know that well, PSU has never won there.  And Wisconsin rarely loses.  They have a 113-8 all-time record there.  DeChellis is 0-8 against Bo Ryan.  The last five trips to the Kohl Center for the Lions have produced these results:

  • 86-55 Loss – 02/01/03
  • 68-45 Loss – 02/25/04
  • 72-43 Loss – 01/25/06
  • 75-49 Loss – 02/17/07
  • 77-41 Loss – 03/05/08

So yeah.  The Kohl Center hasn’t been kind, to say the least.  At least the good news is that Wisconsin isn’t as strong as a team as it has been this decade, and PSU is a lot better than some of those teams that got stomped.  That Talor Battle is pretty good, too.

Hopefully the flu bug has gone away from the team and they’re healthy.  If those guys are still sick, it could get ugly.

If PSU has any chance at all, Battle and Pringle have to beat their man off the dribble and create, while not turning it over.  Pringle struggled at home against NW with that.  Kinda illogical to think he’ll do better in the Kohl Center.

PREDICTION: I’ve seen lines at 9 and 10 but vegasinsider has it pegged at 12.  I’m going with the past until PSU proves it can compete there.  I’ll take Wisky to cover the 12 points.


2 Responses to Know Your Enemy: Wisconsin Badgers

  1. James says:

    Well let’s hope it’s a game, I have bowl game withdrawal and Buffalo-UConn isn’t cutting it.

    By the way, any chance you could change your RSS feed to send full posts?

  2. crispinandcream says:

    Can’t promise anything, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Thanks for reading!

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