PSU 67 (14) Purdue 64

The good…

  • PSU beat a ranked team
  • Andrew Jones
  • PSU was resilient and came back after blowing a 15 point lead
  • Rebounding

The bad…

  • This team is incapable of playing 40 minutes of solid basketball..
  • Mostly because we have little depth
  • Purdue was overrated at 14 to start with, and then add to the fact they were without arguably their two best players
  • The weather/lack of fans
  • David Jackson

It was a good win for the team, as they took advantage of the opportunity of playing one of the league’s best at the time where they looked like one of the league’s worst.  This is definitely a confidence booster for a lot of the guys, but you usually have to play 40 minutes of good basketball to beat ranked teams.  PSU definitely did not do that.

PSU raced out to 14-0 and 19-4 leads very early into the game.  Purdue was just clearly in a funk.  PSU wasn’t shooting too well, but they sure were cleaning up on the boards, Andrew Jones especially.  I think everyone on the floor got a shot off on PSU’s first possession because we had 4 offensive rebounds in the first minute of the game.  That certainly doesn’t happen everyday.  Jones finished the game with 11 rebounds, 9 in the first half.  8 of the 11 came on the offensive glass.  He had his best game in a PSU uniform, finishing with 6 points (that came at very clutch moments), 11 rebounds, and 2 blocks.

PSU’s offense in the first half was phenomenal.  The big 3 was clicking as they combined for 35 of PSU’s 41 first half points (Battle – 15, Pringle and Cornley – 10).  Keep in mind, while PU was without Kramer, they give up just 57 points a game.  We only shot 39% in the first half, but we cleaned up on the boards, got pretty good shots, and put points on the board against a quality defensive team.  The offense was pretty awful at times in the second half, however.  They had I believe 5 turnovers in the first five minutes of the half after having just 3 the whole first half.  Talor Battle made some very dumb decisions and took some of his worst shots of the season.  Jamelle Cornley had no interest in posting up in the second half.  He had two turnovers and missed his two shots from the floor (along with two free throws).  Fatigue already getting him to him?  Danny Morrissey came up big in the second half with two big threes, as he answered when PU finally grabbed the lead.  He finished with 10 points.

Defensively in the first half, PSU did a poor job of getting out and contesting threes.  That kept Purdue in the game.  They connected on 5-8 first half treys, and shot 11-21 in the first half.  The beginning of the second half, the man defense wasn’t much better.  PSU was getting beat to the rim or getting caught out of position.  PSU gave up 22 points in 10 minutes of the second half, which ultimately allowed Purdue to take the lead.  During the second half, DeChellis made a key adjustment, throwing a 2-3 zone at Purdue, something we haven’t actually played much this season.  We threw in some 1-3-1 as well, and while Purdue missed some easy shots, PSU held PU scoreless for 8 minutes.

Talor Battle finished with 21 points 9 assists and 5 rebounds.  He made a huge drive and dish to Andrew Jones on one of PSU’s final possessions.  Pringle finished with 18 points 5 boards and 2 assists.  He’s still shooting 53% from the arc.  David Jackson and Jeff Brooks have gone from occasional production, to no production, to liabilities.  If they don’t step their games up soon, PSU is going to lose some games because of them.

Like I said, there was a lot of good in this game.  But I’ve given up on expecting 40 minutes from this basketball team.  There’s just not enough depth.  I just hope we’ll be able to rebound from our poor stretches in games like we did last night.

Oh yeah, it would be nice if someone not named Pringle or Battle could make a foul shot.  B+P were 13-16 from the line, the rest of the team went 0-7.

You can catch David Jones article on the game here.  Next game – @ the Barn on Sunday.


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