Know Your Enemy: Michigan State Spartans

6:30 PM – Bryce Jordan Center – BTN – but more importantly, it’s dollar dog night.

PSU beat MSU last year.  That’s been noted like a thousand times in the last week. Big Deal.  If anything, that favors MSU as they know they need to be focused to come in and win. I expect Raymar Morgan to actually look interested in this game.

There’s some intriguing matchups in this one.

  • KL2 vs. TB + SP – There’s going to be some serious speed in each team’s backcourt tonight.  It’ll be fun to watch.
  • Who rebounds better?  MSU and PSU are #1 and 2 in rebounding in the conference, respectively.
  • Who scores more? Jamelle Cornley or Raymar Morgan

I don’t know how PSU is going to win if the Big 3 aren’t on tonight, and if they can’t make 8 or more treys.  After witnessing the defensive performance against Minnesota, I don’t know how they’re going to stop them.  They’re going to have to outscore them.

PREDICTION:  I’ll take MSU to cover the 5 point spread.  Should be a competitive game for the most part, though.  Probably be the largest crowd of the season.  Anything less than 11k would be disappointing.

Here’s some more material.

For the MSU statistics scouting report, check out KenPom’s page here.

Let’s Go State!


3 Responses to Know Your Enemy: Michigan State Spartans

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  2. mike says:

    hey, great blog. do you know where I can get a psu bball jersey? all i can find is geary claxton and cornley. my girlfriend, for some reason, loves jeff brooks and wants his jersey. i doubt they sell his. it is so hard to find a jersey, especially someone like brooks. talor battle would also work i guess.

  3. crispinandcream says:

    haha, I wish I could help you out. There just isn’t enough demand for Nike to print more jerseys, if I had to guess. I’ve only seen Claxton jerseys, so you’re ahead of me in finding a Cornley jersey. Jeff Brooks will have to step his game up before anyone even thinks of printing his jersey, but I’d say next year Talor Battle jerseys will start popping up at the PSU stores. But I have no idea where you could find one now.

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