All sorts of links

I was planning to do a whole lot of analysis of the team and what not during the bye week.  Like statistical profiles, recruiting updates and some opinion articles on PSU’s brutal schedule the next 3 weeks.  But school and such prevented that from happening.

However, PSU’s 5-3 Big Ten record has generated all sorts of media coverage that I’m willing to provide you all in this post.

First off, Mark Brennan over at hooked us up with the recording of Ed’s weekly press conference…all 18 minutes of it.

Jeff Rice at the CDT took on an article about why exactly Stanley Pringle tears it up on the road.

David Jones wrote a piece similar to a post I wrote last week about PSU’s chances to dance.

Saw this article on about the sophomore guards in the Big Ten and how ridiculously talented they all are. Some TB and DM quotes.

A lot of press in the Collegian this week…you can just check out the MBB page here.

DeChellis said they’re taking one more guy in this class. They’ve been looking hard at this guy, recently. He’s supposedly coming up for a visit in the future.

So hopefully that’s a good catch up to what’s been going on during the week off. MSU tomorrow at Breslin. More to come…


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