NYE: Michigan Part 2

PSU is in Ann Arbor to take on the struggling Wolverines tonight at 7 PM on the BTN.

The first time this game was played, PSU did whatever they wanted offensively.  Jamelle camped inside and dominated early which then opened up the perimeter game. However, PSU got off to a slow start that game, and thanks to UM’s atrocious shooting, was able to blow the game open in the second half. UM shot incredibly awful the first 6-8 minutes of that game. I’m too lazy to look at the numbers, but I couldn’t help but think if UM hit just 2 or 3 more of their at least 10 or 12 open attempts, it would’ve been a much different game. That different game is probably going to be tonight.

Michigan has lost 5 of 6. They’ve had to deal with some ejections and suspensions. I’m sure Michigan fans feel like their season is unraveling after those great non-con wins that seem like an eternity ago.  But unlike PSU, UM has a good non conference schedule, and they’re likely in at 9-9.  They still have a good shot at making the Dance, but they’ve gotta turn it around. This is a much bigger ‘must win’ for UM than it is for PSU. You just gotta defend your homecourt if you want to be Dancing.

However, PSU shoots the ball better, they rebound better, and they take care of the ball. PSU’s actually slightly bigger than UM, as well, and they dominated inside the last game.  This is a game where anything can happen and I haven’t the slightest clue what will. How does PSU respond to their monumental upset on Sunday? How will Manny Harris and Zack Novak respond to their ejection and suspension, respectively? It should be a good game.

PREDICTION: As you can tell in the top right column, we’re still chugging away at our pick em contest. While I called the PSU upset, we bet spreads here so I’m in last place.  I said a few weeks back that if PSU wanted to Dance, they’d have to break some PSU trends. Well, they’ve already won for the first time in the Breslin Center and Assembly Hall. PSU has a chance to win 3 straight conference road games tonight. That has to be something that has never been done by this program.  There’s just something about this team that regardless of how insurmountable some obstacles appear, they’re going to succeed. This team just has to go to dancing, if that means win 11 conference games, so be it. I’ll take PSU tonight, as they’re 4.5 point underdogs. Favorable line, I guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised nor disappointed with a PSU loss tonight.

Pregame Reading

FYI, probably going to have an in-game chat up tonight.


2 Responses to NYE: Michigan Part 2

  1. mike says:

    hey, do you know of any road trips going on for away games? i am sure there will be some buses going if me make the tournament (don’t want to get too caught up in the hype but i think we have a decent chance of getting there)…must beat Purdue away

  2. crispinandcream says:

    I do not. I was going to try to get involved with the Nittany Nation this year, but that’s just not me. I’m not that rah-rah type of fan. I take it way too seriously, haha. I skipped out on the team sendoff they had last night. I know they had a NN meeting right after, though. They sent that Facebook event talking about how they have a promotion lined up with Five Guys to help raise some funds for road trips. I can almost guarantee they’ll have buses for the NCAA tournament. But I doubt they have anything lined up for any of the rest of our away games. But I’m not ‘in-the-know’. The guys who run the Nation though do a good job of updating through facebook so you can just ask them there, probably.

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