Big Ten Race Outlook

The current Big Ten Standings as of right now with just 20 BT games and 2 weeks to go.

Big Ten Standings

Team Record Remaining
1. Michigan State 11-3 (21-5) IA, @ ILL, @ IU, PU
2. Purdue 10-4 (21-6) @ UM, OSU, NW, @ MSU
3. Illinois 10-5 (22-6) MN, MSU, @ PSU
4. Penn State 8-6 (19-8) @ OSU, IU, ILL, @ IA
5. Minnesota 8-7 (20-7) @ ILL, WIS, UM
6. Wisconsin 8-7 (17-10) UM, @ MN, IU
7. Ohio State 7-7 (17-8) PSU, @ PU, @ IA, NW
8. Michigan 7-8 (17-11) PU, @ WIS, @ MN
9. Northwestern 5-9 (14-11) @ IU, IA, @ PU, @ OSU
10. Iowa 4-10 (14-13) @ MSU, @ NW, OSU, PSU
11. Indiana 1-13 (6-20) NW, @ PSU, MSU, @ WIS

It’s going to be a war the next 2 weeks. I think right now, the most probable finish would be OSU, UW, MN, and PSU all sitting there at 10-8. Stick a fork in UM with today’s loss. That team hasn’t proven anything on the road, and I highly doubt they win another game the rest of the year, at least until the BTT.

I’m still in thought about what would be PSU’s best scenario for the Big Ten tournament. Would it be better if they miss out on IU or not? IU isn’t going to help the RPI and they’ll wear on PSU’s tired legs.  But we haven’t beaten Wisconsin in forever and PU and MSU are the class of the conference.  I’d rather avoid all 3 of those teams until the semi-finals if possible, which would mean I’d like to face probable 3-seed Illinois in the Quarters.  But then again, what if we beat Illinois at home?  It’ll be damn tough to beat that team 3 times in one season.  Now, we haven’t beaten OSU in forever too, but we tend to play them tough regardless, and we’ll see if they have anything to stop Battle in 2 nights.  As of right now, I’d think PSU’s dream scenario would be facing Minnesota or Ohio State in the 4/5 matchup. That would give PSU some extra rest and a winnable game in those matchups, at least more winnable than other teams.  Also, MSU will most likely be #1 seed and we matchup pretty well with them as well.  But that scenario’s going to be hard to come real, since Wisconsin is sitting there with the 2-o H2H record against us.  That’ll probably be a huge tiebreaker down the stretch…

All I know is trying to figure all this out is giving me a headache. This season has just been a huge logjam not only in the Big Ten, but also in bubble-land.  With PSU’s piss-poor OOC schedule, everything is up in the air. PSU should be a lock right now with those two HUGE top-25 road scalps and a 19-8 record.  But they’re not because of the high RPI and poor SOS. We’ll see if it comes back to bite us in the ass. Hopefully guys like Eugene Smith (OSU AD) and Mike Slive (Commish of the notorious cup-cake eating SEC) fight hard for us in the Selection Committee war room.

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