Bubble Watch – 3/4

What Happened – 3/3

  • Cincinnati lost @ South Florida, 70-59
  • Georgetown lost @ St. John’s in OT, 59-56
  • Oklahoma State beat Kansas State 77-71 at home
  • Maryland blew a big opportunity at home against Wake Forest, 65-63
  • Ohio State wins @ Iowa, 60-58
  • New Mexico wins at home against Utah, 77-71

What It Means

  • Cincinnati and Georgetown are pretty much out of the picture
  • Oklahoma State is basically lock status, having now won 6 in a row
  • Kansas State’s going to have to make big noise in the Big 12 Tourney to get back in the picture

  • Ohio State’s already good chances just got better (don’t think a home loss to NW would kill them, but losses in their next 2 games could bring them back to squarely on the bubble so not a lock yet)
  • New Mexico continues to enter the picture with a huge win against Utah, but they’ll need a win in their last game @ Wyoming, a team who’s only lost one game at home all year (Utah)
  • Maryland blew a big opportunity at home that probably would have catapulted them over us.  We have similar resumes but I think we’ll stay ahead of them because our big scalps have come on the road, and they have the Morgan State blemish.

What’s On Tap – 3/4

  • Boston College @ North Carolina State
  • North Carolina @ Virginia Tech
  • Miami FL @ Georgia Tech
  • Georgia @ Kentucky
  • Florida @ Mississippi State
  • Wisconsin @ Minnesota
  • Texas A&M @ Colorado
  • Air Force @ UNLV
  • Colorado State @ San Diego State

Updated Bubble Watch


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  1. Sinbad says:

    nice work
    wished I thought of it 1st

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