Bubble Watch – 3/5

What Happened

  • Mississippi State beat Florida, 80-71
  • UNC beat Va Tech, 86-78
  • Boston College lost to NC State, 74-69
  • Ga Tech beat Miami, 78-68
  • Georgia beat Kentucky, 90-85
  • Minnesota beat Wisconsin, 51-46
  • BYU beat Wyoming, 78-68
  • Texas A&M survived Colorado, 72-66
  • UNLV beat Air Force, 46-43
  • San Diego St beat Colorado State, 68-59

What it means

  • Miami FL killed themselves tonight. An equivalent for yall would have been us losing to IU on Saturday.  They’re now in the ‘make a serious run in the ACC tourney’ category.

  • Va Tech’s fading. Yeah, losing to UNC at home shouldn’t kill you, but they’ve lost 5 of 6 and have no easy task going to Tallahassee in their last regular season game.  ACC’s clearly the best conference, but 7-9 isn’t going to get it done, especially with some of their OOC blemishes. They’re also on their way to the ‘tourney run’ category.
  • Boston College is still secure, as long as they don’t implode from this loss.  Beat GT at home and they should be fine.
  • Minnesota’s in pretty solid shape.  If they win another game, they’re lock city.  Wisconsin’s still fine as well, as long as they beat IU at home.  What’s crazy is, thanks to MN and NW, PSU can win their last two games and get the 2 seed for the Big Ten tournament, if MSU gets their revenge on Purdue.
  • BYU is lock city
  • Texas A&M, UNLV (barely), and San Diego State stay in the picture
  • The SEC is complete garbage, but there’s one problem.  Mike Slive, the SEC commissioner, is the committee chairman this year.  LSU is a lock for the fact that they’ve torn through the league, despite tonight’s loss.  But look at their resume. Their only top 100 wins are all in conference.  They did play 3 formidable opponents out of conference, which should be commended considering the pussification of the SEC scheduling outside of TN (although I really shouldn’t talk given our atrocity of an OOC).  But the results of those games – 10 point home loss to Xavier, 11 point neutral loss to bubblicious Texas A&M, and a 30 point blowout @ Utah.  Crazy.  Tennessee should get in for their #1 SOS.  South Carolina, if they keep winning, probably will get in.  But UK and FLA, get them out of here. They’ve had their chances and have blown them.  But then again, look who’s head hauncho of the committee this year.  Also, who knows who’s going to win the SEC tournament and steal a bid. LSU is beatable, TN’s been erratic, and S Carolina certainly isn’t any sort of guarantee.  This league doesn’t deserve more than 3 but they’ll probably get 4, maybe 5.  If you ask me, MWC should get more bids, but I doubt that’ll happen with Slive as chair.
  • So all-in-all, a great night for PSU as the bubble’s standards were lowered with so many big losses tonight.  If it continues like this, maybe PSU has a legitimate chance at 10-8.

What’s On Tap – 3/5

  • Tennessee @ South Carolina
  • Providence @ Villanova
  • Illinois @ Penn State
  • Dayton @ Xavier
  • California @ Arizona

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