KYE: Iowa

The Nittany Lions somehow have to clear their minds, rest up physically, and get ready to play Iowa today in an hour (2 PM, BTN).  I don’t know about you, but I’m still psyched about Thursday night. I’m very worried about this game for a multitude of reasons…

  • Jamelle Cornley is questionable.  I think if this was any other player, we’d assume he’s out. Cornley has dominated Iowa in his career. He’s averaging 20 points and 7 boards in 6 games (I’m eliminating his freshmen 0-fer in Carver…that’s how you manipulate stats, kids).  The first time we played Iowa, Jamelle refused to lose and brought us back with another ridiculous comeback. He has always been able to shoot inside against Iowa at a high percentage. They can’t stop him. However, he’s probably out, so who’s going to be our presence inside? This will be the game for Andrew Jones to show us what our inside game’s going to look like next year.

  • Ed DeChellis thinks we are in the tournament. You can search on your own for articles with quotes, but he’s pretty much sold our team to the committee ever since Illinois game. Honestly, I believe he truly believes we should be in. Hopefully I’m wrong and he doesn’t though. Because if he does, along with all the ESPN coverage of ‘we’re in’, the players won’t be in do-or-die mode.  But if he doesn’t, then maybe he can get the message through to his team that we can still grab the 2 seed for the BTT and we need this game. We are going to have to show some serious mental toughness, because our team is running on E.
  • Jake Kelly is on a mission. Ever since moving over to PG after Peterson’s injury, Kelly has dominated. As in, he’s playing at Evan Turner’s level in doing it all for Iowa. We must stop him. Also, Iowa isn’t terrible, especially in Carver. Just look at the margin of their losses.  Their last 4 losses have been by 8 points or less (that stretch included a trip to Breslin).  This is a team that still plays hard, could be playing for an NIT/CBI berth, and it’s senior day.  They’ll be ready to go.

So all of these reasons have made me doubtful, but I know better. I’m now convinced that this team can do anything. But I’m not going into this game with any expectations. I simply think this is way too tough a task.  So if I had to pick, I’ll take Iowa to cover the 2 point spread. But with this PSU team, anything is possible.  Let’s go State!


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