Bubble Update – 3/10

PSU’s hectic schedule at the end of last week along with Spring Break this week has distracted me a little bit in tracking the bubble. But with Championship week fully underway, let’s see where we stand –

  • Siena is no longer on the bubble as they beat Niagara for the MAAC’s automatic berth.  Good news for PSU.
  • Davidson and Creighton not only lost in their conference tourneys, but early enough that they really should no longer be in the picture. Davidson’s definitely out and I can’t see how Creighton’s going to make up enough ground to get themselves back in. PSU will be ahead of these 2, regardless.
  • St. Mary’s got obliterated tonight by Gonzaga. Patty Mills isn’t close to healthy as he shot 2-16 from the field. They didn’t look anything like an NCAA team.  They have 0 top 25 wins. You have to believe PSU will stay ahead of SMU, unless we lose to IU on Thursday.
  • You gotta root hard for Butler, Memphis, and Utah State to wrap up their conferences. It would also be nice if either LSU/TN win the SEC and Xavier win the A10.

  • Boston College has some bad losses, but they have to be lock at 9-7 in the ACC with the monster UNC scalp, especially with the weak bubble this year.
  • Texas A&M locked themselves in with their win against Mizzou over the weekend. They have no bad losses, and an OOC scalp over potential SEC champ LSU.
  • You’d have to believe Minnesota and Michigan are ahead of us in the Big 10 pecking order (if there is such a thing) because of their OOC scalps (Louisville and UCLA/Duke respectively)
  • It’s unreal how dangerously close we’re on the bubble. That OOC schedule has such a negative impact. Just compare our resume to Oklahoma State. They’re lock city if they beat Iowa State in the Big 12 tourney. We should be lock city already, but at the very least with a win against IU. 3-1 vs. top 25 is like gold compared to the rest of the bubble, but our RPI is 40 spots higher than the Cowboys, even though we play in a tougher league.  That’s how big of an impact a 320 OOC SOS will have.
  • The Big 10 has a real possibility at 8 bids, and the MWC has a real possibility at 5 bids. Crazy. The SEC shouldn’t get more than 3, but who knows with Slive as chair.  Jerry Palm pointed out on his site that the SEC’s conference RPI is the worst out of any Big 6 conference in the last 16 years.

This should be an entertaining week.


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