Bubble Update – 3/11

Butler did us no favors and stole an at-large bid last night.  I was also hoping we got matched up with them in a 6/11 game, but their seed’s probably down to a 7/8/9 now.  Good work, Butler.

Oklahoma State and Texas A&M play their first round games today. I don’t think we’ll be able to pass them though if they lose, without us beating PU. So it’s kind of pointless to really worry about those games because those teams are pretty much solidified.

Providence just beat Depaul so they have to beat Louisville tomorrow to get back on the bubble. Root for West Virginia tonight. Don’t need Notre Dame crawling back into the picture.

Memphis needs to win the CUSA. Xavier needs to win the A 10. It would also be grand if Utah State took themselves out of the picture and just won the WAC.

Big Sky and NEC championships are tonight, if you’re interested. So two more autos will be punched.

Pretty slow day today, but things will get wild tomorrow as all remaining conference tourneys will be underway.

I got the Bubble Watch updated, and if I must say so myself, it’s the best it has looked since I started it last week. Check it out.


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