So, uh, yeah

As BSD put it, now we wait. PSU’s chances were almost lock status at about 5 PM today, but it’s March.  Things can happen quickly and that they did.  Dayton and Xavier lost, Maryland took it to Wake Forest, and Penn State ran into a Boiler team that looked just a bit angry about the finish to their season.

I’ve just come to accept that we simply don’t have the desire to play defense. Purdue does. You can tell just by how Painter coaches them. That’s why I generally enjoy watching them play. Painter gets them to exert so much energy on the defensive end.  They play so physical that they dare the officials to call everything. The officials can’t keep up and Purdue then wears down their opponents. I don’t think DeChellis is a moron or doesn’t know how to coach defense. I just don’t think he can get these kids motivated. How many times have we fell behind this season? When has Battle made big defensive plays or stops? Usually when the game’s on the line (the thefts against Kelly (Iowa) and Joseph (Minnesota) come to mind). I’m not trying to criticize Battle, especially with how many minutes he plays, but we simply have no defensive intensity as a team.  Pringle has always been lazy on defense. Cornley’s just too short in the post and too slow on the perimeter. Jones, while much improved, is still a little soft and gets pushed around too easily. Morrissey’s way too slow to man up.  Brooks is just a lost cause at this point. David Jackson is probably our best defender, but I certainly wouldn’t call him a lockdown guy or a guy like Kramer that can fire up the rest of the team. We could really use a Titus Ivory.

Purdue came out on fire.  They were focused, and Painter had them ready to go. It would’ve been nice if we didn’t make it so easy for them to start. Uncontested jumpers were a common sight in the first 12 minutes of the game. Each shot you could just see Purdue’s confidence soar and at that point, it didn’t matter what PSU did on defense.  All-in-all, I bet Purdue put up one of the best efficiencies as a team so far this season, although the numerous missed shots and turnovers at the end might negate that. With 5 minutes to go, Purdue was 30-49 from the floor, 12-20 from 3, and they only had 3 turnovers. Ridiculous performance from the Boilers. Hummel’s 20 points today makes PSU’s home W over Purdue look like a complete fluke. Not good for the committee.

PSU tried a few times to make a run, but Purdue always answered. PSU’s biggest opportunity to make it a game was before halftime. They cut PU’s once 20 point lead down to 14. If they got a stop and a bucket, I would’ve said they would’ve had a shot. Instead, they all collapsed on someone out on the perimeter of all places and let Calasan wide open under the hoop. They didn’t score on the final possession and PU was up 16. Jamelle Cornley didn’t quit, but it was just a lost cause.  I thought Purdue would bring their A game, but I didn’t think their A game was at this level. If they play like that, they’ll at the very least make it past next weekend.

So what do we do now? Pray. I really couldn’t believe the Big Ten would really get 8 teams in and it looks like we’re going to the be the odd man out. DeChellis and the administration better be ready to take account for that putrid OOC that EVERYONE knew crippled their dance chances back in July.


9 Responses to So, uh, yeah

  1. mike says:

    terrible performance, but penn state is not done yet. we need mizzou, tennessee, and utah state to win. duke would be nice too. and, all of these teams are the favorites. pisses me off that san diego state looks in over penn state. bad enough that we lost, but to get blown out? in all honesty, dechellis isn’t great

  2. Sinbad says:

    Nothing no one should not have expected.
    This is the first game PSU played against Purdue with their BEST player – Robbie Hummell.
    At 6-8 and very versitile, PSU has no one to match up with him. He scored 20 points in ONLY 27 minutes.
    Do you really think PSU beats the Boilers in State College with this PLAYER in the line up?
    PSU last chance evaporated in 2OT in Iowa City.
    The music was written back in August when the OOC schedule came out.
    NOW, it is time to listen to the band!
    Throw your wrath at the person that scribbled the music.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dechellis scheduled like an idiot. he never calls the right defense and relies on battle 100%. it’s too bad penn state can’t start 5 cornleys. penn state lost at iowa because of dechellis…100%. who else would have players switch at very screen and have pringle and battle under the basket. i have been a fan of psu bball through thick and thin. i hope dechellis gets canned.

  4. crispinandcream says:

    pretty sure the COY isn’t going to get canned, but yeah, it’s beyond frustrating.

  5. Anonymous says:

    dechellis shouldn’t be COY. it is just like you said, the players aren’t motivated. that is the coach’s fault. 2 games to make it to the biggest tourney and you play terrible D. AND THE SCHEDULING. how could that ever be approved. dechellis shows no emotion. i tried to like him but i don’t. this COY BS will stick with him and blind everyone like it is already doing. i hope we make the tourney. chances are meek right now. the bubble seems so even…6 top 50 wins and 4-2 against the top 3 in the conference better pull a lot of weight. WOULD YOU PLAY PRINGLE AND BATTLE IN THE PAINT???? COME ON. I wish tom crean came here instead. he has a lot of emotion and works hard. we need to spend less on the football program and more on bball. penn state is too political.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well it isn’t over yet. all of the favorites need to win today, so that is good. penn state is on the last 4 IN line on many brackets, which isn’t the worst. and those that have them on the bubble have them on the right side of the bubble. penn state needs things to hold throughout the weekend. i feel like the committee may actually take penn state over a team like SDSU. SDSU has no signature wins at all. penn state’s chances are 50%. Still have a long time to wait until 6pm Sunday. These teams (not all of them however) need to win to keep penn state’s hopes alive:
    Memphis needs to beat Tulsa in the C-USA Champ.
    LSU needs to beat miss. st.
    Tennessee needs to beat Auburn
    Duke needs to beat maryland pretty big (mary is probably in already though)
    Arizona State needs to beat USC
    Temple needs to beat Duquesne in the A-10 Final
    Utah needs to beat SDSU
    Utah State needs to beat Nevada
    Mizzou NEEDS TO BEAT Baylor in the Big 12 Final

    I know this is a lot of games, but the teams we need are all favorites so it is not impossible. and, the teams we need are very good. hopefully it is a sweep, but i think penn state can still afford one or two of these teams losing. Mizzou, Temple, and Memphis HAVE TO WIN.

  7. Andrew says:

    PSU really needed to make a good showing yesterday to get in. It didn’t. The game was over within five minutes.

    PSU’s problem is that the committee will have great reservations about putting in 8 BT teams. Michigan’s in for sure. Minnesota is too, probably. It made a strong showing against MSU.

    The “putrid” (love that modifier) OOC schedule is a large stake poised above PSU’s NCAA hopes with a hammer coming down. Cross your fingers.

  8. The committee has repeatedly said they will not put a cap on the # of teams that get at-large bids from a conference. If PSU misses out on the dance it will be because their resume didn’t quite stack up to ALL their fellow bubble mates, not because the committee follows some unwritten rule that say no more than X amount of Big Ten teams can go dancing.

  9. umhoops says:

    Good luck guys. I’m rooting for the Big Ten in the tournament and I’d love to see us get 8 teams in.

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