NIT Game 1: George Mason

8:00 PM – Bryce Jordan Center – ESPNU

I have my night class tonight so I will not be attending. I will probably miss the whole first half, and perhaps the whole game if I can’t find a stream online. F ESPNU.

I really know nothing of George Mason’s team and their season this year. I saw them get whooped up on by VCU in the CAA championship, that’s about it. So my quality analysis says if PSU wants to win and keep playing, they will. If they don’t, they’ll lose.  GM is apparently bringing busloads of students.  They’ll come to play. But who knows what state the Nittany Lions are in after the devastating news just 48 hours ago.  I’ve expressed my doubts about this coaching staff’s ability to motivate, so I’m just going to rely on Jamelle to get the team ready. If he’s the usual Jamelle, leaving it all out on the court, we’ll win by 8-12 points.  If not, then it’s going to be an abrupt and incredibly disappointing finish to a once promising season.

You can read Jeff Rice’s preview here.


2 Responses to NIT Game 1: George Mason

  1. dan says:

    this is the type of game you skip class to miss!

    I’m hoping the old BJC doesn’t show her face, because in that case the GM fans will outvoice the PSU fans…

    go state

  2. Kevin says:

    come on, eric. my worst fear has happened: you’re letting the lack of a tournament bid affect your blogging. this ain’t your usual KYE. something’s up. this is NOT the crispin and cream i know.

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