My first year of blogging the men’s basketball team is coming to an end. I started the blog about 2 days after Pringle was accused of public masturbation. Wow, how far we’ve come. But writing this blog has been so enjoyable that I’m going to host it at a new domain for next year, so I can totally pimp it out with Talor Battle decorum and a bunch of other cool stuff. When that transformation will take place, I do not know.  Probably over the summer sometime, when I can fund the operation and put in the time to get it all set up.  But I just wanted to tell all 25 of you loyal readers before PSU’s season’s done and you leave this blog for 8 months.  Also, as a heads-up, don’t expect the domain to be, either. It’s going to be something a billion times more badass. Obviously I’ll post a link to it here when it’s finally launched.

As far as what to expect from the blog over the offseason, I do not know. You can definitely expect whatever recruiting tidbits I can find, but those are always few and far between. They’ll probably just be a week-by-week update of Taran Buie’s summer AAU success.  Everyone would rather know what that 2012 receiver prospect from Pittsburgh’s 40 time was, anyway. You can also expect whatever schedule tidbits I can find to be posted here as well. The non-conference schedule usually isn’t released until August, but you can expect my breakdown of that when it’s released. Also, if you remember, I created that page with all the Big Ten scholarship rosters last year, because the school sites wait until the fall semester to finally update their own rosters. I hated the wait, and I knew there was some serious player turnover all across the league coming into this year. Well, since I have most of the rosters done, I’m just going to keep updating them yearly. I’ve pretty much finished the rosters for next year, but I’m still deciding when to post them. I mean, who knows what transfers and early-entries will pop up over the next month or two. I’m probably just going to release them when the new site’s launched.

So my recommendation if you want to keep up is to just bookmark the feed at the top and check it periodically. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully the next few years bring bigger and better things.

*If you’re looking for my FLA preview, it’s right below this post.


5 Responses to Announcements

  1. Ryan '95 says:

    There’s still three games left Eric. No need to sign off just yet.

  2. Eric says:

    dude, do not worry. i will be blogging until the season is done. I just wanted to keep the readers in the loop about what’s going on next year.

  3. Sinbad says:

    good move dude – hopefully Timmys crayon police wont banish you to the childs board if you post about smelling a wicked Fart!
    A Florida 8th grader was just suspended from the school bus for 3 days for breaking wind.

    IS this country is turning into a bunch of thin skinned wimps?

  4. Eric says:

    hahahahaha wow. i thought you were joking…just did a google search.

    what a joke.

  5. Ryan '95 says:

    I’m going to the semis at MSG…whose with me? I happen to be in NYC on Tuesday which is so sweet…any other fans of this team want to make the trek?

    Let’s communicate and meet at a bar before or even get tix together.


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