So I basically skipped this whole week of class and probably slept for a total of maybe 10 hours. Therefore, the blog has just got to be on temporary hold for a few days, so I can catch up with life. It was all worth it, though. These last few days totally blows my Ohio State excursion in October out of the water. I couldn’t be more proud of our basketball team.

Taran Buie committed last night after the game. Funny, I was sulking to myself on the bus ride back. I was thinking how pathetic I must’ve looked. There I was sitting in the back of the bus, struggling to cope with the fact that Jamelle Cornley is never going to wear a Penn State uniform again. Everyone was all excited we won the championship, but I was just silent and lost in thought, trying to forge all the great moments in Jamelle’s career here. But then I got the news of Buie’s commitment on the bus. That was a much needed boost that ened up keeping me up the entire 4 hour bus trip back.

MUCH more to come, but probably not until next week….


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