Busy, busy time in Happy Valley as all the work I have put off because of the extended basketball season needs to be done over the next week. So what I’m saying is, there’s probably not going to be any more posts after this one for the next two weeks or so. I’ll try to post any breaking news but there won’t be any sort of analysis or opinionated posts over this time. But here’s what’s been going down:

  • Ty Armstrong will enroll at Auburn this year so he’s off the board for the last 2010 scholarship.
  • Allan Chaney, 6’8″ F from Florida, is transferring. PSU has interest, but I’ve heard that it’s very unlikely he’ll be coming here.
  • I haven’t heard of any recruits visiting for this weekend, but I’ll be shocked if that’s truly the case. We’ll have to wait and see until after the beautiful weekend to find out if anyone visited.
  • The basketball team will have a few public appearances this weekend if you’re interested in meeting them while you’re in town for the football game…the whole team will be at the corner of Curtin and University (right where the BJC is) from 11am-12pm…Jamelle has his own autograph session at the Student Book Store downtown from 10:30am to 11:45am.
  • Tim Frazier scored 15 points and had a game-high 6 assists at the Reebok All-American game. You can check out a first hand report here.

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