Back at School

The offseason got so boring after the schedule was basically finalized, I just stopped posting. But now that school’s back in session and another boring Big Ten football season is about to take place, basketball is back on my mind. Here’s basically what has gone down this summer if you really use this blog as your only source for PSU basketball news:

  • Jamelle and Stanley have signed contracts overseas.
  • Talor finished the WUG as the team’s leading scorer and a bronze medalist. Jeff Rice wrote an article about how Talor’s game has improved because of the experience.
  • Battle is on the Wooden Award watch list with 49 other players.
  • Battle’s family has officially moved to State College and Taran will be playing for the Little Lions next season. I look forward to catching many of their games as well.
  • All the incoming freshmen have been on campus since the second summer session. Jeff Rice and BWI wrote articles on all the incoming players.
  • We have a ton of national TV games on next year’s schedule…and none of them are against Northwestern! Progress.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty slow summer.  Be sure to check out ESPN’s shootaround, which gives a nice early preview of the Big Ten next season.

More posts and news once the season nears…


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