Media Day Recap

Aghhhhh, the season is so close and I’m swamped with exams the next two weeks. Frustrating because I have so much I want to start previewing and I’m probably not going to get to it all. And FWIW, although it might not seem like it, I am spending time on my blog…just not here. It’s going into getting the new site together. Once it’s ready (hopefully by November 1st), I’ll let you know.

So anyway, the team had it’s own version of midnight madness on Saturday afternoon before the homecoming football game. With everyone in town and literally nothing to do since tailgating was nixed before the game, I was pretty disappointed with the crowd (maybe 2 grand, 75% of whom were of the older demographic waiting for TailGreat with the Blue Band). The guy next to me was sleeping the entire time.

The team was in the middle of a 2-hour practice when they opened the doors to the BJC at 11 AM. They then had a 20 minute scrimmage with refs and everything. It was a running 10 minute clock for two halves. I’m not going to sit here and analyze it because frankly, it’s unfair to the players. They had just finished their second full practice of the season, and they were noticeably tired. Also, they only played for a few minutes. All I can say is that all of the freshmen gave some good impressions. They deserve to be playing at a D-1 school and they’ll definitely contribute. That certainly hasn’t been a given with new recruits the first 6 seasons of the DeChellis era. You can check out video highlights of the scrimmage and the ensuing Dunk Contest and 3 pt Contest at Happy Valley Hoops. You can also read other fans reactions and impressions over at

Penn State Media Day was yesterday. You can really get the complete recap of press conferences and player interviews at GoPSUSports. Below is a list of articles that have come out the last two days:

A few other things of interest. I was interviewed by Dylan at UMHoops on my thoughts for PSU on the upcoming season. It will give you an impression on my general feelings before I dive into my in-depth preview stuff. Also, be sure to check in with Big Ten Geeks. Their PSU recap and preview should be coming very shortly (perhaps even tomorrow).

Basketball is back.


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