Sacred Heart Preview

I’ve been enjoying break way too much and it has obviously cut into my blogging time. I apologize. I still will recap the Charleston Classic travesty. So all you people wondering what the hell happened, I’ll discuss it. But not until this weekend, most likely.

Penn State plays tonight against Sacred Heart at 6 PM on the BTN. Over/Under on crowd attendance is set at 1000.

Jon Crispin is calling the game.

Sacred Heart was picked below Robert Morris in the NEC, so I’m not expecting too much of a contest. They’re 2-2 on the year, but their last game was a 105-65 drubbing at Xavier.

Here’s some things I’ll be looking for from Penn State:

  • Jeff Brooks needs to take at least 10 shots, with only 2 from the perimeter. He’s proven himself as far as I’m concerned so far, he at least deserves a greater role in the offense. He’s shooting at a 60% clip, but only takes 8 FGA a game. I want to see if he can do more. There’s no doubt in my mind he can score at least 20 sometime with the way he has played. Here’s a CDT article about Jeff.
  • Andrew Jones looking like a Big Ten big man, who’s been in the program for 4 years. Can you at least establish some position in the paint so we can get you the rock?
  • Chris Babb finding his stroke again in the friendly confines of the BJC.
  • Bill Edwards’ game. Observers praised his aggressiveness in his first collegiate game against Davidson. Can’t wait to see how good Bill is.
  • The bench getting some good run, particularly Highberger and Borovnjak.

PREDICTION: Slow start for the Nittany Lions, but PSU runs away in the second half. SHU reserves make it closer, late. PSU wins 75-63.


4 Responses to Sacred Heart Preview

  1. HHV says:

    Edwards’ return couldn’t have come at a better time, helped us avoid being embarrassingly shut-out in Charleston.

    Btw, over-under on this game is PSU -17.5. Just for the sake of going against you, I’m gonna say PSU covers and wins by 20. I’m also gonna drop John from the competition (we’re doing something off-line) since it’s difficult with him not having a blog.

  2. […] tonight’s game, being that it was Sacred Heart, I wouldn’t have blamed him. However, BDIA god bless his little soul, has his preview up and is calling for PSU (-17.5) to only win by 12. He’s probably on to something, given the […]

  3. Ben says:

    Maybe you can start picking the scores for me bc I fail pretty badly at it. You got the score, too bad nobody saw it raining threes all night…atleast the lane was clear?..

  4. Ben says:

    Good stuff btw, digging the new site

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