Stop the Madness

The season has been over for 2 and a half weeks now, but that hasn’t stopped people from letting out their frustrations at the program. Watching the (exact same) conversations has been everything from comical to downright pathetic. But now it’s just long past tiresome and it needs to stop. Now.

There IS good reason to be frustrated. Penn State continues to show undying loyalty to a coach who has yet to yield meaningful results on the court. It’s very likely that PSU could be the only school in major D-1 basketball to show such patience and lack of action to a losing program. I don’t think at this point too many Penn State fans would shed a tear if DeChellis walked away from the program today. As fans, we’re continually slapped in the face as completely unacceptable results go unpunished.

However, it’s time for everyone to face reality. Ed DeChellis isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Tim Curley. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, whether you like it or not. Sure, you can show your disapproval. You can write letters, send emails, stop buying tickets. But it’s not going to do a damn thing. It’s not that Curley doesn’t care. He just doesn’t have to care. Football will always pay the bills (along with the BTN).

So frankly, it’s up to you whether or not you want to support the program. I do, because I always have and always will. However, I sure wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. But it’s time to move on past the bitching and crying. We can only look forward because Ed DeChellis is going to be the head coach for at least another year.


4 Responses to Stop the Madness

  1. TonyLion says:

    I’ve been trying to get the same point across that ED has been granted at least one more year, and there’s no sense in still screaming for his head. I am kind of disappointed that those in the “fire Ed now” camp think they are the only ones who care about the basketball program.

    I care a great deal, and I happen to differ about who gets the blame for the lousy 09/10 season. I think the “fire Ed now” bunch give the players way to big a pass and place too much blame on the coach.

    lookit. We’ve got one player who leads the team in scoring, rebounds and assists and is the only one who averaged double figures in points. What that that tell you? The rest of the players did not pull their weight, for the most part. Yes – they did in two wins over NU, a win at Michigan and close losses to MSU, OSU and PU. But that only reinforces my argument.

    One player cannot win games. The other day OSU faced Tennessee in the NCAA elite eight and Evan Turner scored over 30 points. But Jon Diebler was 1 for 7 for 3 points, Buford scored 15 and Lighty 10. They lost. Last year Kentucky’s Jodie Meeks would go off for fifty and they’d still lose. And who can Michael Jordan’s early years with the Bulls. He’s score 60 and they would still lose.

    If the rest of the team other than Taylor Battle would make some shots and pull down some, boards this team wins. It’s been proven. Now Babb is gone. But if next year the season goes south, you have to place the blame on guys like Brooks and Jones equally with DeChellis.

  2. TonyLion says:

    Sorry, i meant to write:
    “And who can forget Michael Jordan’s early years with the Bulls. He’d score sixty and they would still lose.”

  3. Eric says:

    You bring up a really interesting debate, Tony. Basketball is a players game and I think coaches have as little control over what actually unfolds than any other sport.

    For instance, everyone’s going crazy over Tom Izzo. I do think he’s the best coach but how much credit does he really deserve for this improbable run? His players have made some great individual and uncoachable plays, like Draymond Green driving the ball up the court. I’m sure he works on that all the time in practice. Gotta wonder who deserves the most credit for the Durrell Summers turnaround, though.

    I do think the blame is mutual in PSU’s case. Players like Jeff Brooks and Andrew Jones need to mature on their own. You’re 21 for crying out loud. However, DeChellis and his staff have never been able to motivate his teams to exert the intensity needed on defense in this league. They were also unable to get the team out of their early January rut until late February, when the season was already lost. The blown lead against UM was 100% on the coaching staff, and quite frankly, destroyed the team’s confidence and season.

  4. TonyLion says:

    UM wasn’t the only double digit lead they blew. They had Wisconsin on the ropes and totally blew it. Of course coaching is as much to blame for that. I just think the players have been getting a pass from all the “fire DeChellis” crowd.

    The only thing I can judge for sure based on results is recruiting. poor recruiting and wasted scholarships falls squarely on the coaches’ shoulders. This staff has got to do better or make way for someone who can.

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