Commitment : Tre Bowman

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Hometown: York, PA
High School: St. Thomas More School
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 185 lbs.
Schools: Drexel, Minnesota, South Florida

Recruiting Profiles

Articles on his Commitment:

The Story

Tre Bowman committed to Ed DeChellis and the Nittany Lions last night. Bowman is a 6’4″ guard who originally played at Central York High School. He then prepped and re-classified as a 2010 recruit at St. Thomas More school this past year. There isn’t a whole lot out there on the young man, but he looks to be an explosive athlete and a good shooter. We knew with Babb’s departure, the team was lacking perimeter scoring options. Check out this article and watch some video highlights below:




7 Responses to Commitment : Tre Bowman

  1. TonyLioning of Babb says:

    Nice acquisition, to replace the outside shooting of Babb.

    Now, we still need a forward or post player.

    Do you think they’ll use all three scholarships or be a little more selective?

  2. Eric says:

    We have two scholarships available. Our two main targets are Majok Majok and Andre Clark. I don’t think McCombs is ever going to get here on a visit so I doubt we lure him away from his friend at ASU or Tubby at Minnesota.

    I’ll have posts up in the future.

  3. TonyLion says:

    Don’t you think Clark’s a longshot, since he already committed to Arkansas before going Juco?

    What about Eric McKnight; is he still targeted?

  4. Eric says:

    I haven’t heard anything about McKnight but he’s a Maryland legacy. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t land there.

    Clark transferred from Arkansas, then went to a JuCo. He’s not a longshot. He’s down to Iowa State, TCU, Mississippi, and us.

  5. TonyLion says:

    I like what I’ve been reading about Majok.

  6. Eric says:

    Yeah, I have a profile of him saved as a draft. Just been too busy to put on the finishing touches. Hopefully will get that out sometime this weekend.

  7. TonyLion says:

    Butler 52 MSU 50

    Why can’t Penn State be a little more like Butler? They lose Todd Lickliter, a highly successful coach there, but not only do they reload with players but also the coach. Lickliter goes on to tank at Iowa.

    Both schools are surrounded by traditional basketball powerhouses. Butler contends for recruits with, in-state powers Indiana and Purdue not to mention Louisville, Kuntucky, surrounding Big-12 programs and midwest mid-majors.

    PSU is encircled by eastern big boys Nova, Temple, Maryland, Pitt and Cuse to name just a few. However a huge difference with Butler is they seem to grab some players (apparently duh!) that don’t get swallowed up by the neighborhood bigs. Penn State has difficulty in that regard.

    Every once in a while a brilliant coach can put together a puzzle with odd pieces and make a run, but that is extremely rare. The real foundation of a team and a program is recruiting the right pieces in the first place. Butler seems to have done that consistantly; Penn State has yet to achieve that level of consistant re-loading.

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