Battle submits his name

Or in otherwords, he’s giving himself the opportunity to get evaluated by NBA scouts. That’s all it really is. This was to be expected. He’s got until May 8th to withdraw his name.

Find me an NBA mock draft with Talor Battle in it, and then maybe I’ll actually be worried about him leaving. The only thing I’m worried about is how is he going to finish out this semester if he’s going to be on the road working out with NBA teams over the next month? (EDIT: NCAA rules prohibit players from missing class for NBA workouts, so if Talor did that, he would basically be giving up his eligibility).

Of course, I hope Talor performs well in workouts. I’m rooting for him as always. I just don’t see how he’s going to be able to do anything in a month to raise his draft status from undrafted to a sure pick, which is what I think it would take for TB to leave. As I’ve said before, you can bet the house on Talor Battle and Taran Buie being in Penn State uniforms in 2010-2011.

There’s nothing to see here, move along.


6 Responses to Battle submits his name

  1. Charlie@nwo says:

    NCAA rules forbids Battle from missing classes, tests or academic obligations in order to attend workouts with NBA scouts/teams. Unless he is leaving for sure and not worried about losing his eligibility next season, we shouldn’t be too worried about him not finishing the rest of this semester academically.

  2. Eric says:

    Yeah, I read that somewhere after I posted this and never edited it.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  3. TonyLion says:

    If Battle Leaves, can we compare this to the Jerry Dunn “mass exodus”?

    How about if Battle leaves and Buie decommits?

    This could get pretty ugly, since the twitter posts suggest Clark and Majok have eliminated PSU.

  4. TonyLion says:

    From Rivals reports on the Boo Williams:

    NJ PG Myles Mack has offers from DePaul, Fordham, St. John’s, Virginia, Penn State, Western Kentucky, and a couple of others.


    For the All-Ohio 17 and under squad, a nightmare start was quickly erased by Trey Burke. After falling behind 18-4, Burke went on a personal 14-0 run to tie up the score, and from there it was the Burke and Stevie Taylor show. Burke went for over 20, and was super hot from deep while Taylor took over going to the basket with his quickness and created for his teammates with his impressive feel for the game. Both players were the difference in an All-Ohio win.

  5. TonyLion says:

    Whoops, forgot this one:

    NJ C – Desmond Hubert – has offers from UConn, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Xavier, Penn State and Villanova. Georgetown, North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Maryland are also on his list.

  6. Eric says:

    Yeah, I saw that. Thanks for passing it on, though.

    Not sure if that offer still stands for Mack and if it’s anything more than just a verbal offer. With Burke coming in (and Frazier/Buie still on board), there’s really no need for another PG, IMO.

    We’ve been going after Hubert for a while but it’s looking like he’s going to be too big-time for us. A lot of big name suitors have been coming his way. We’ll see though, he has kept mentioning us, and he was on campus for the OSU game.

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